Posted by: Kai_LeRai | March 11, 2008

retroCast changes

First Post!


Starting today, I will have my own little Blog. Its main function is to inform retroCast members about changes in the forum that wouldn’t be worth archiving there, but fit much better in such a forgettable source such as a blog. If time allows, I might be tempted to comment on scene news, or publish them myself, but that’s not my main intention, so don’t expect this to be a news site. I can recommend for that matter.

Regarding the forum, you might have realized that I experimented with an online mp3-player in the last few weeks, but never really had the time to set it up in a way that would justify constant usage. Today, I finally wasted some time to do so, so now you can browse the forum while listening to soundtracks of famous Dreamcast games. Only for the next few days the player will be set to autoplay, so that it starts playing when you open the page so that members realize that this new feature is even present. After that time, you’ll have to press play manually. I might use it in the future to announce upcoming rips, so playing it from time to time might give you a hint what you have to expect soon ;) Don’t ask me for confirmation though, since I don’t talk about unlaid eggs.

The player offers a lot of features despite being so small. It allows to jump through the playlist, control the volume, comes with a shuffle mode and a simple graphic equalizer. There’s no manual for it, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Today’s treat are almost all tracks of Yu Suzuki’s 1986 arcade masterpiece Outrun. The playlist consists of original recordings and orchestral re-recordings for later re-releases of the game. Enjoy :)



  1. Cool.. I hope like most blogs this one isn’t forgotten after a few days. I think keeping people informed of your work and or stuff related to the Dreamcast scene is an excellent idea.


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