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New DC-rips=new quality?

The DC-scene has seen quite some shit since it started. From non-functioning rips or just half-assed rips that lacked important features like CDDA, to rips that were ripped off themselves and published by others like Hooligans did with R18’s releases. The latter is relatively rare and to my knowledge Hooligans were the only assholes that ever did such a shameful thing, but it seems as if their spirit lives on. I’m not talking about claiming other people’s work as one’s own, but lying to the scene. This is rare as well and happened just again recently.

An unknown guy that goes by the nickname of dot357cal uploaded a rip of Jet Grind Radio at underground-gamer. I refuse to call this a release, unless we’re talking about a release of his bowels here, because it doesn’t bow to any standards and brings nothing new to the scene except for embarrassment for its ripper. The shithead claims that the game contains all data and has nothing ripped, yet the game fits on an 80min disc… Well doesn’t that sound suspicious? Especially, since all old scene releases were heavily downsampled. This only leaves two conclusions: Either that guy, who came out of nowhere was as smart as Echelon and applied a form of on-the-fly compression, or he was just lying. He claimed that after dumping the game, it just fit on the disc, which made it obvious for me that he was a lying, since I ripped the game months ago and knew that it was heavily stacked. Kalisto’s nfo on their rip of the game also proves that the game data requires a 99min disc:

._______ /\______ _______. ________/_________________________/\
| |/ /______/\ | | eNf \___ / ______/\____ ____/ \
| / // \| |__________\/_______ | |/ \
| _// \ | / \ . | |. _// | \_
|: \ \ | / \ | |: \ | /
:|: \ \ /\ \\ | // \ || \ /
:::_____|\______\ /_________\______/___________\__________|_____|\ _______/
:. Proudly Presents : |
| |
| Game : Jet Set Radio (C) Sega |
| Origin : JAPAN – NTSC Filename : KAL-JSR.001 |
| Released : July 5th, 2000 CDs / Rars : 1 CD / 23 RARS |
| Platform : Sega Dreamcast (DC) Format : BIN/CUE (CDRWIN) |
| |
+–|- – – -|–+
| Release Notes ————————————————- |
+–|- – – -|–+
| |
| Supposedly ‘Our reign is over’.. A very reliable source has told me |
| that ttol loves to kiss ass. |
| |
| Today we bring you one of the best games of the year for your DC. |
| This game was 90 Minutes Long, Which means generally we would have to |
| rip something out. However, we decided not to, and to give you the |
| whole game. How? We’ve downsampled all of the music to a Mono, And |
| it’s hardly noticable on this game too. The main thing is that the |
| whole game is intact, We found that this was the best way to do it, |
| even though it took some extra work. If and when 99 Minute CD’s are |
| released, you can expect a Full Stereo Sound Addon for this game and |
| instructions on how to use it. Until then, Enjoy the best possible |
| rip of Jet Set Radio that fits on a 74 Minute Disc. |
| |
| When others talk shit about us, it definitely hits you back hard. So |
| So nice try Accession & Ttol, But we definitely do know how to rip |
| games that over 80 mins, and how to do it properly. :) |
| |
| Game Info: |
| ~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |
| The government is attempting to silence the kids of Tokyo, but with |
| their Overdrive Magnetic-Motor Skating Shoes, the cops will have to |
| catch ’em first. The Jet Grind Radio program keeps the kids unified |
| and inspired to fight for their rights of expression, which includes |
| graffiti art. Grab your spray cans and design your own piece on one |
| of the immense walls in the 3D, interactive city. You might be |
| forced to protect your territory from adversaries that want to |
| take over your neighborhood. Join up with like-minded hip |
| individuals that will help you keep your area the way you want it. |
| The cops will be after you too, so you’ll have to be quick. The 10 |
| cartoon-style characters are pumped up with polygons so they come |
| alive in 3D on Sega Dreamcast. Uniqueness is key to these kids and |
| each character stands apart with exclusive abilities and style. |
| They like to show off too, and with 18 missions, there’s plenty of |
| time to impress. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s definitely funky. |
| |
| – Create your own logo by combining colors, letters, special effects. |
| – Zoom around the three massive worlds and make them your own. Zones |
| within the worlds will be unlocked as you explore further. |
| – Welcome to the urban jungle. Cars move in real time while |
| pedestrians swarm. |
| – High-res animations transport you into cutting-edge hip and trendy |
| culture. |
| – Cool urban industrial soundtrack. |
| – AI brings balance and technique for each team and the police. |
| |
+–|- – – -|–+
| Greets ——————————————————– |
+–|- – – -|–+
| |
| Class – Fairlight – Aggression – Menace – Cife – Paradox |
| Static – Accession – Eurasia – Capital – Lightforce – Nil |
| Trsi – Mups – Utopia – Myth – Deviance – Risciso – Rns |
| |
| .____ /\__________: ____________________/\ |
| | |/ / \ | | \_ ___/__ ___/ \ kalisto psx 1998-2000+ |
| | / / \ |_/\ |____ | / | \ |
| || \ \ /\ \\ | \ |. | | \\ | / we set the standards |
| |___|\ _\/______\____/_|_______|___\ ____/ we are the benchmark |
| \/ \/- eNf .:

The guy tried to kill the traces of his downsampling by importing back the old timestamps of the modified files, but a mono audio file will still play as mono and thus reveal that it was modified :P So, what’s up with me telling you all that? What’s so bad about someone downsampling a game that has been downsampled before anyway? Well, two reasons:

1. He lied and thus showed that he’s an asshole that can’t be trusted.

2. He didn’t do a very good job.

I think I don’t have to elaborate much on the first reason. Even the dumbest guy should be able to see that such an idiot is not a reliable source for quality backups and quality is, what people should be all about nowadays. DC-games are ridiculously cheap at these times, so if you are even cheaper by choosing rips over the real thing, then those should at least deliver an experience that is as close to the original as possible. Also, the DC is old and so are the games. There are a lot of choices which scene release to get especially when it comes to those blockbuster titles such as Jet Grind Radio.

The second reason is much more important. The guy was smart enough to kill traces of his downsampling, but he wasn’t smart enough to optimize his rip for faster file access, let alone maxing out the disc space. He just downsampled far too many tracks, putting much more workload on him and even less quality than necessary to his rip…what a moron. Now you could rant, that people should be glad that the scene see’s some active rippers after all those years, but in the end people like dotcal don’t contribute anything, but misinformation in their laughable attempt to gain quick fame. Sadly enough, this seems to work as enough boobs thanked that asswipe for his bowel movement instead of using their brain and sources to question his claims of having achieved a perfect rip of a game for an 80min disc, that not even the big groups were able to do.

The faggy admins at underground-gamer are also not very helpful when it comes to step into action, since this torrent violates several of their rules. But before I start to talk about why hypocrisy is all what underground-gamer is about, I’d rather end it here with a screenshot of that torrent that shows its low rating and the intentionally wrong description:

Intentionally wrong description.

Liar, liar – pants on fire!

Liar, liar - pants on fire!



  1. It’ interesting to note that this same moron has posted a collection of Sonic games on UG recently. In the midst of this collection are a few Dreamcast rips (Which he states he did not rip, but did use ECM on.. LOL). I think it can be stated confidently he did not even rip the game “Jet Grind Radio” , but rather claimed to so that he could pretend to be somebody. What a jackass and a phony. Well I suppose it just goes to show how very few rippers are even active these days in the Dreamcast scene and how even fewer of them actually have any skill.

    Here is his latest “shite” post

    quote from post”Sonic Adventure (U)
    Sonic Adventure 2 (U)
    Sonic Shuffle (U)

    These are all selfbooting CDI images and you will need ECM to decompress them and were downloaded from various trackers.”… what a fake..

  2. i think you’re right. seems as if he just took the work of another guy. otherwise there would have been an nfo or anything else that would have proven that he did the job. also his reaction showed that he didn’t really have any knowledge, but that would coincide with this sorry ass rip.

    btw, this assmunch tried to comment here. sorry dotty, but this is no place for you to dump your shit on. you have underground gamer for that. may be you want me to spread some info around about you. your ip states that you’re from the area around northampton, uk. for a brit your english surely does suck donkeyballs, or are you just a 12 year old that forgot grammar over too much playing halo games? anyway, you SUCK. you should just shut the fuck up like any asshole that has been proven to be a constant liar!

    Edit: lol he thinks i’m american and tried to insult me by insulting america. really mature…what are you? a bricklayer? oh and dotty, i know perfectly well that you’re not 12 (how else could you have bought your cool nokia 8210 on ebay including all this dc and ps stuff) but you sure behave like a kid. that imbecile thinks i set up this blog just to bash him…can’t read creation dates, but acts as if he was theeee shit…and that comes all from a guy who insists that 128kbit mp3 sounds just like uncompressed wav-files and who doesn’t know how to set up 7z….ouch…noob alert. also no wonder that you thought you could trick others into thinking that your craptastic rip seems likea true untouched one if you can’t hear the difference between 22khz mono of your version and 44khz stereo sound of the original… btw, his shit release is also on mininova…also with a wrong description. seems someone is really desperate to get some fame. well your 2.0 rating at ug should show you what people think of your dump…you should have just flushed it down to the level it belongs to. oh yeah, nice karma level lol. seems like i’m not the only one who thinks that you’re an asshole

  3. “This is bad comedy. Do you always search for other users on eBay? Or maybe you’re an Emo with nothing else better to do. In anycase, you have been reported you and this “Blog” has now served the legal system in your country and mine purpose. I really can’t wait for us to meet so I can tear your face off.”

    woohoo, someone’s being afraid. As long as you bash others it seems to be alright with you, but as soon as others start to retaliate you start to become all whiny and “reporty” lol

    report all you want bradford boy. This might work in a non-democratic environment like ug, but not here :P anyway, don’t blame me for being so dumb to publicly make such data available. just like you did with your incomplete sonic torrent, i merely collected all the pieces that were available on the internet…all the pieces?

    to be continued…or not? it’s in your hand…correct your torrent description at ug and mininova and state publicly that you falsely advertised your rip, or else the next round will be fought over at ug again…i already cost you 1 torrent…would be a shame if others followed, wouldn’t it?


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