Posted by: Kai_LeRai | April 26, 2008

Pulling the plug on NesterDC

Some of you might have realized that I deleted my upload links to my NesterDC SE 1.0 Edition with 2904 roms. The reason for that is that a brazilian douchebag named Ripfire posted my links on several forums. While I’m used to linkstealing, I’m certainly not used to other people claiming my work as theirs, which he did. In some cases he stole my complete description and translated it. Also, he changed the name of my edition, calling it “NesterDC Special Edition Extra Plus”. He even called my Megaupload links his “Ripfire Server”. When he started complaining to others that they had copied “his” posts and “his” links, I decided to act. Since the Mods and Admins of the affected forums weren’t really willing to delete his false posts, I decided to pull the brakes myself and deleted the links. This mainly affects forums like Snesorama or Segahub, where the links were posted with my consent. That’s it for the leechers, especially for those who thanked that asshole for “his” upload, despite the fact that the archive contained my nfo and image showed my bootlogo. You’re just as low as Ripfire…

For the retroCast members I have compiled a totally new and overhauled version. It is extremely unique and has features no other NesterDC had before. It is truly the best NesterDC Compilation there ever was. Before creating it I checked out Scherzo’s homepage again in the hopes that he would have something new to offer. For all blasphemist NesterDC SE-Lovers who don’t know who Scherzo is: He is the very guy that brought you that cool emu. His site had indeed something new to offer – an online access to the complete NesterDC SE database that he had created almost 3 years ago. It seemed as if we could expect a new NesterDC SE version any time soon. Seeing that a new GoodNES version, which listed 3000 new roms, had been released just a few days earlier, I wondered if also the NesterDC SE database had been updated. To get some clarity on that I contacted Scherzo. Turned out that the database is not only the very same one that has been used by NesterDC SE’s builder for years, but also that he had no motivation to work on NesterDC any more. So, for all those of you, who had held their hopes up to see a new version, there won’t be one…at least most likely not from Scherzo. Even worse, he will take down his website in the near future making the NesterDC SE builder pretty much useless as it won’t be able to get any goodies any more. But he assured me: “I won’t do it anytime soon though”. So, If you had ever planned to make your own NesterDC edition, do it now before it is too late :)

I want to thank Scherzo for his dedication that he had for NesterDC – and believe me, that was a lot. You can’t even imagine how much work went into the goodies section alone unless you start adding your own ones.



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