Posted by: Kai_LeRai | June 30, 2008

Ripping off – Take 2

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse with that overpriced Aiwa Dreamcast CD-Player, a new seller steps up and proves me wrong. Apparently, it’s the week of the dumb but greedy Dreamcast sellers. So, what are we dealing with today? A Dreamcast. What? That’s it? Afraid so… So what’s all the fuss about? Well, check out this eBay auction.

Someone is selling a HKT-3010, a standard japanese Dreamcast. Yet, he wants 150 frickin Euro for it, because it belonged once to a Developer. The auction title boasts “Dreamcast from a Sega Dreamcast Developer Test Kit” and apparently that is enough for that moron to sell the console for a higher price than a new and boxed, unopened Dreamcast costs today. As extra you’ll receive no hook ups and accessories whatsoever and the fact that this is being sold as defective, seeing that he wasn’t able to test this 110V system on a 220V socket. Just in case you might wonder, yes this is indeed a standard console. There’s nothing special about it, just because developers used it to test their games. In the end they had to test them on standard systems, because that’s where they were supposed to run on. The only thing that you can be sure of is, that this system was in constant use and therefor shows more wear and tear than other Dreamcasts that only experienced normal home use. The scratches on the front lid bear proof to that. If you want a japanese Dreamcast so badly, then get a Treamcast instead, because it is actually cheaper than this overpriced garbage and comes fully functional with guarantee and accessories. Oh yeah, and it is cheaper too. Mine cost 135 Euro including shipping, his bad joke of how to fool the gullible costs 165 Euro inlcuding shipping (=US$260). Can you say retard? I bet if he still had a controller he wouldn’t hesitate to sell this pile of horse pucky for 200 Euro… The week has just started and I’m eager to see how many more fucked up dumbasses are trying to fool the Dreamcast fans and sqeeze some big bucks out of them. The Angry Dreamcast Nerd has spoken.

Update (04.07.2008):

The Dreamcast received an offer from someone, but apparently that wasn’t enough for that idiot of a seller, so it wasn’t sold at all. To say it with the words of Bill Hicks: “Who would have thunk it?”…



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