Posted by: Kai_LeRai | July 5, 2008

Overpriced Dreamcast Goods – The Neverending Story

So, you finally decided to buy a genuine, far too expensive CD-Player, that was designed after the Dreamcast to listen Audio-CDs while playing your crappy non-CDDA rips and you bought an overpriced japanese Dreamcast from an alleged Developer just to find out that it doesn’t offer anything new other than the distinct feeling that you got ripped off? Well, then you might as well put it to some good use and connect it with your first Dreamcast. All you need is a link cable. Shouldn’t be hard to get one, right? I mean, who has two Dreamcasts or even the urge to play games this way anyway?

Alright, looking for such a cable can’t be too hard. There were several manufacturers for link cables and seeing that this feature never really took off, due to only a handful of games supporting it, there must be quite some quantities available. So it must be cheap as hell. Well, turns out that this cable is not that easy to come by, yet the prices are still affordable, ranging from $4 up to $20. If you live in Europe, you’ll most likely have to settle at the higher end of this range. In no case though should you pay more than $30 for it, or even $75 (=50 Euro) like this crazy italian seller wants for it. And that’s without shipping! He allows for personal price offers though and I couldn’t help it and sent him an offer over 10 Euro (=$15). He denied it, but I still got my price, because I won an auction an hour later for just that amount.

I have no doubt that this cable – just like the Aiwa CD-Player and the “Developer Dreamcast” – will rot away on its virtual shelve, because no one will spend so much money just to get to play 5 games with it. I’m glad to see that no buyer so far was dumb enough to actually accept those insane prices and I have a pretty good feeling that no one will buy this cable from this seller either. Hell, you can get it from genuine european shops for about 20 Euro and that means boxed and new! Checking out a shop’s other articles usually reveals with whom you’re dealing with. A quick look assured me of what I was assuming already: An utter moron. He is selling Dreamkeys for insane Euro 12,90!!! As if that wasn’t enough he even calls it “Very Rare!!”. For all those, who don’t know what that is: This was a browser disc that shipped with european Dreamcasts and didn’t cost you a thing. EVERYBODY had one. That’s right. That’s why it’s even next to impossible to sell those on eBay for 1 Euro and that nutjob wants 13!!! Not to mention the insane shipping costs for a single disc. Additionally, hardly anyone uses the Dreamcast to surf online anymore. Oh yeah and let’s not forget that he sells Dreamkey 1.5, while the newest version is 3.0. Also, 1.5 had was a failed production and had some major bugs, e.g. you couldn’t choose your own ISP, that’s why this version was pulled after Sega realized their fault. So this disc is useless twice. May be he meant exactly that with “Very Rare!!”, but judging by his other “rare” products that you can find by the dozen on eBay, I seriously doubt that he’s even able to distinguish the versions of the browser.

While checking out his shop I found something that is even more ridiculous than his Euro 50 offer of the Link Cable: a Dreamcast power switch, which he offers for – drum roll – EUR 10 + shipping. Could there be any more proof that this seller is either retarded and/or impudent towards Dreamcast fans? This is not even a Dreamcast specific component, just a standard switch with a cable, which you can get both for a few cents at an electronics store! Not to mention that for that price you can get a whole fully functional Dreamcast – including accessories! Seriously, this guy needs some massive lack of customers so that his bills choke some sense into him.

I think it’s quite revealing that so many shops claim to be the ultimate source for every gamer’s needs (and that is not just limited to the ones I mentioned so far), while those queefs actually know nothing about their products. I contacted quite some of those eBay shops and asked them about their insane prices. Their answer is always the same. According to them, they target the valuable (Translation: dumb) collectors, who actually care about quality and appreciate paying for it. Too bad that this explanation was also rolled out when they offered used, unboxed accessories in medium shape, while other shops just a click away offered a brand new model for a much cheaper price. Asking about that, they replied that someone will buy it eventually. Knowing that, they apparently don’t need to care about the actual market price, but still dictate their over the top prices to the market, preying on the dumb. So, if you find a shop that offers a good portion of its products for unreasonable prices, think twice about supporting it by ordering from it. Sure sellers have to make ends meet too, but they usually get pretty good conditions from their sources anyway and if they bought the item second hand from a pre-owner and paid an overly high price already, then that’s just their punishment for not knowing their business.



  1. this article was a fine read,Ijust realized that you are 100 percent right cause there are jerk sellers that try and sell you these horrible conditioned dreamcast, when instead you can buy an unboxed console at a cheaper price.

  2. thanks dude. this phenomenon seems to be limited to europe though. whenever i check out american based shops or ebay, prices are pretty moderate. they only rip you off with over the top shipping rates. but may be it’s just the currently strong euro that makes it look cheap


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