Posted by: Kai_LeRai | April 1, 2009

retroCast is no more…

The Dreamcast is dead and so is my interest for it. While working on the next version of the forum I kinda lost my ambition for the whole thing, so I stopped the work altogether. Don’t ask me for tools or ripping techniques. This knowledge goes with me. I will keep this blog for now and may be I’ll make links to all my work available here. The only project I still might pour some work into might be TBGC (The Better GDI Collection), but this also won’t happen any time soon. That’s it from me,  but I won’t leave without giving you something: Screenshots of the release that would have been the opening release for the new forum:




  1. Aright , i understand . Thanks for all your work .

  2. I dunno why my previous message was not dispalyed, but man, thanks for all ur work, i was waiting the return of retrocast… but is ok, :) Thanks man about ur legacy.

  3. your first message is there. you posted it under “reviews” ;)

    btw, don’t let that keep you from telling me the news anyway :)

  4. I already expected something like that :-(
    Thanks Xiaopang for all your hard work and dedication to the Dreamcast.
    (that REZ Collection looks awesome!)

    • thanks dude :)


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