Posted by: Kai_LeRai | September 4, 2009

The Return of retroCast

Yesterday, I uploaded my newest Complete Edition to BitGamer just to be pestered by some ignorant moderator hours later, who didn’t like that I stated my opinion about BitGamer’s stupid Golden Torrent policies. He claimed that I violated a rule that prohibited this kind of behavior, yet failed to quote it from the rules page. No wonder, because it doesn’t exist.

So this was all just a battle of opinion with him sitting behind the red button, which resulted in kicking me off the site. Smooth move. This is one way to end a discussion, where you have been proven to just talk out of your ass.
In any case, I’m glad that I pulled my Complete Editions before that douche kicked me, or else this would have looked like I was desperately trying to stay there. You can all thank 15 week moderator Nemius for canning my support for BitGamer. If you’re reading this Nemius: You’re not too smart, are you? My account only had a minimal download count, just to push me over the required 10GB for becoming a power user. I don’t use BitGamer for my downloads, but only for checking problem reports on torrents. I’ll just switch to one of my backup accounts, while making sure never to post some exclusive content there. Talk about shooting yourself in the knee, dumbass. Just a personal advice to you kid: If you think the truth is insulting, then either grow some balls, or move to North Korea. They need submissive pussies like you, that at the same time push their own opinion down other people’s throats.

While I’m at it I might give you some insights about how the Golden Torrent system works. It’s really no big deal to see through it, but you won’t find an official statement explaining it. Yesterday, I received confirmation for what I expected right from the start. It’s not about the content, but merely about the description. Copy half of wikipedia together with nfo fragments, make it expandable with some of the many cover images that you can find online and you’re on the way for a golden torrent. Nemius called this style “golden worthy”, so there you have it from the horse’s mouth. The site might imply some kind of democracy with offering you the ability to nominate a torrent, giving you the idea that only the amount of votes might matter, regardless of the style of the description, but that is little more than a smoke screen. I’ve seen torrents which went golden only shortly after having been uploaded while also only having like 50 downloads. I’m talking about this one, a torrent that was uploaded by Mr. Canthandlevalidcriticism himself and also awarded golden torrent status by himself shortly after having uploaded it. Very inconspicuous to abuse the system so obviously for himself. What a douche. In fact, in the discussion before my ban I told him that his claim, that I was violating a (non-existing) rule was nothing more than his hurt ego, because he felt personally attacked by my rant about golden torrents. He even called it an insult, even though I merely called golden torrent description copy-work, which – surprise, surprise – is just his mindless style of torrenting. He didn’t have the balls though to admit that and claimed that my rant was likely to cause trouble, even though my torrent had already seen hundreds of views at that time and only most positive feedback. Apparently, he wasn’t able to dismiss any of my arguments and instead of showing some character and admitting that he was wrong, he banned me lol. Could you be any more of a chicken, nemius? Actually I was hoping for your dumbass reply to my claim that it were only your little feelings my rant hurt and not those of the other users, because then I could have slapped the link to your self-sanctified golden torrent right in your ugly face. Looks like you get off on that superficial, worthless thing called golden torrent. And wasn’t that exactly what I was ranting about? What a sad little life you must have. Anyway, this lack of integrity with a self-righteous, self-serving attitude is exemplary for everything that is wrong with this site.

In many cases you can check for the most sought after torrents and will find that most of the non-golden ones don’t look much worse than their golden counterparts. And I’m talking about torrents that have seen thousands of downloads, hundreds of comments and positive ratings, yet they are not graced with that shiny status. On the other hand, you’ll have a hard time finding golden torrents with unique content, but with descriptions, that are streamlined for torrent specific information rather than stuff that you can google. So golden torrents are merely a travesty, or else you would find more specific information about what the requirements for that status are. There is no transparency how those torrents become golden. Do they have to reach a certain nomination count, or a certain nomination/download-ratio? How many mods decide that a torrent becomes golden? Do they vote on it or is a single one enough to hand out that status?

Personally, I couldn’t care less about golden torrents. In fact, I don’t like them, because they give way to mindless downloading. Many leechers just download on queue while only playing a fracture of what they’re actually getting. If a torrent is not golden, then at least they give some consideration whether they want to download it or not.  This is important to me, since I’m interested in feedback and not pointless download counts.

Anyway, while the world defeated fascism over 60 years ago, it is on the up and up in shitholes like BitGamer and Underground Gamer (no wonder, both are run by the same asshole). Many users though stick desperately to those places, thinking that they found the pot of gold, while that are merely puddles compared to the see of warez that is the internet. That fascism is also the reason why you won’t find any release groups spreading their stuff on sites like these, because those are the few that actually have some spine and will go their way, regardless of any rules. On the other hand you have the leecher, who is rarely more than a spineless drone. He will back down in fear of losing his precious access to something that is neither unique nor special. This would be funny, if people’s behavior wasn’t so frighteningly stupid, namely by acting as if this place was the hottest shit since sliced bread. Nowadays, we have more possibilities to get warez than ever before. If modern sharing technology has taught us one thing, then that you don’t have to care about certain places any more, because the vast possibilities of sharing help spreading releases like wildfire. It’s even sadder to see that these melting pots for the ignorant turn this thing into a business by shoving donation infos right in your face on every single page. The fact that they use a negatively looking smiley to somehow reach your conscience and get some bucks out of you should make it fairly obvious. This doesn’t concern BitGamer alone, but is exemplary for many sites out there and borders on the ridiculous when it comes to forum owners that claim that hosting costs several hundred dollars a month, while any kid could afford some webspace with its allowance. For me, donators that support places that do not generate content, but only mooch off of the scene are the stupidest among all. You give money to sites, because you think it will help improve it, or keep it alive. Well, hello moron, even if it went down, releases wouldn’t stop pouring onto the internet.  In fact, if someone should receive some form of compensation, it should be the release groups, because they actually buy a good portion of software that they release for free, apart from having all the cracking work. They have to maintain a costly infrastructure to keep the game running. It’s not the small torrent site or warez forum that needs the money to give you pirated goods. In fact we don’t need them at all. Warez have been spreading before they came along and they still will long after those methods will have become unpopular. Anyway, grow a spine. Defend your opinion. I did and it feels much better having done so, than eating shit from an idiot.

Almost forgot to give you the most important info at all. retroCast will be back soon with a newer, better and bigger forum, where you can grab all my old and new releases. This time it will have a much wider coverage of games. Dreamcast is nice and all, but it sure as hell is not my ultimate choice for gaming. Never really was, never really will. Computer games are the way to go, so retroCast will not just cover consoles, but anything related to gaming. Check back regularly, because sooner or later this address will direct you to the new goodie haven that is retroCast. And for those who couldn’t follow my latest releases, here are two screenshots. Click them to read the nfos:



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