Posted by: Kai_LeRai | November 26, 2010

ModernLoader 0.20 released

ModernLoader 0.20

This version introduces support for Thief 3, corrects a few minor bugs and hopefully doesn’t introduce new ones. My T3-install has been acting up, so I wasn’t able to test the feature as much as I would have liked, so be prepared for some bugs.

Download MLoader 0.20

For those who care, here’s a list of planned features:

Planned Features:

– sorting by Date, Name, Completion
– support for individual missions within one zip-file
– support for ogg/mp3-FMs
– support for mission info
– multilanguage support for FMs and ML including thief non-native languages
– support for stats (played – yes/no, score), exportable (txt-file)
– combination of several FMs into one archive
– support for FM-recompression
– support for error reports
– keep savegames during uninstall
– EP-support from several thief installs


– recognition of thief exes from The complete edition and other sources



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