Posted by: Kai_LeRai | December 29, 2010

SDA Decrapifier 1.0

If you’ve ever been over to speeddemosarchive and watched the runs then two thoughts will most likely come to your mind:

1. great skill
2. fucking annoying intro and outro screens

It’s alright to advertise the site and I’m all for crediting the runner, but doing that in every single segment is just downright annoying. Imagine watching a run consisting of 60 segments or more. Each ad is usually 10 seconds long per segment. This would amount to 10 minutes of having to watch silent still frames. Considering that the site rejects runs on terms of entertainment value, the irony would be mad as hell, if it wasn’t so damn annoying. And it gets more annoying the shorter the run is. I’ve seen runs consisting of segments shorter than one minute each and still they crammed their damn ad in there. I guess breaking up the mood and feel for the game, as well as the flow of the run doesn’t count as “not entertaining” according to SDA rules.

I welcome runs like the 41-segmented “Link’s Awakening” that aren’t butchered as described above. I remember when I was preparing a run for Clive Barker’s Jericho with a mate who started out independently at SDA. When it came to discussing the release terms he didn’t have the balls to deny the SDA ad-screen which I wouldn’t have accepted in any case. I urge other runners to show some spine and demand their work to be shown without any butchering, or at least with crediting in a way that shows some common sense.

For now, there’s SDA Decrapifier which allows you to cut the credit scenes from MP4-files. It also allows you to concatenate the cleaned segments into one big file so that you can watch it without any loading issues.


SDA Decrapifier 1.0



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