Posted by: Kai_LeRai | January 27, 2012

New tool: Unpack_F3AR 0.1

Unpack_F3AR allows you to extract dspack-archives that are used by Fear 3 and probably other games. Directory-structure is not supported, so all files are dumped into a single subdirectory. Same goes for compression. In case of compressed files, they will be extracted in their compressed form.

There are still thousands of uncompressed files, namely audio and video files, so releasing this makes still sense. Dspack-acrhives can contain compressed and uncompressed content alike, so you can find usable files among the compressed ones.

Initially, this was supposed to be released at Xentax, but since the admin decided to hate bugmenot and banned all accounts, the many people that were longing for an extraction tool will have to move their asses over here to get it. Should you be in need of support, or have an idea of how to extract the directories or the compressed files, you can contact me in my forum.

Attention: An updated version of Unpack_F3AR is available here

Download Unpack_F3AR 0.1



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