Posted by: Kai_LeRai | March 1, 2012

My releases at Bitgamer

I’m not appreciated at that bad excuse of a money laundering site, so I do NOT want to see my stuff there! Stoled, you idiot, I explicitly told you that when you PMed me, yet you never cared enough to check back. In fact, you didn’t even care not to hotlink my screenshots just so that you can save yourself that extra minute and still profit from the extra ratio.

 I appreciate that the hacker who took over your BG account also deleted my stuff and I thought it would stay that way until it was brought to my attention that you were re-uploading my crap once more. And yet again you don’t even waste the 2 minutes to back check what you upload. If you steal my stuff, then at least label it correctly and stop repacking it you stupid piece of shit! And coming here AGAIN just to hotlink to my screenshots AGAIN? Are you fucking retarded??

Oh and btw, just in case anyone wonders: If I want my stuff seen somewhere, then I take care of it and announce it on my blog! Oh and Stites: Stop spreading lies about you just grabbing my releases in the last second before they were taken down and stop being a fucking hypocrite and kiss asses of those who you think are above you while kicking those you deem below you. Get a life, you fucking loser!


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