Posted by: Kai_LeRai | April 15, 2012

Daniel Glior aka VirtuaGlior aka Faggy Glior

Unless you’re Glior, ignore this post. It serves merely the purpose to feed the personal information, namely the email-addresses of an abusive twat to spammers – and may be future employers…they love to google for applicants. Good job idiot. You think you can unload your crap onto my blog? Think you’re anonymous? Before you go around and post bullshit on the world wide web like it’s still the 90s, better think twice, especially after having been stupid enough to post basically all of your personal data online. Let’s take a look:

Daniel Glior

Age: 22
Sex: By the looks of it, none worth mentioning… but if there is some then it’s definitely not of the heterosexual kind judging by the pics above. Who the hell uploads faggy, half-naked pics of himself to Myspace, Steam and even the Capcom board?? Faggy Glior, that’s who. You must be really desperate. Pathetic idiot…

Location: Peterborough, UK

ISP: Virgin Media

Connection: Cable




Steam: (perm-banned on May 18, 2011)


Ex-Snesorama user, wrestling fan, Playstation bitch.  Explains the idiocy that culminated in shortsighted spam posts. On second thought, cut the shortsightedness. Practically all of his Youtube-comments have been voted down due to their trollish nature. Excellent example for an empty life. Btw, learn how to properly rip a Dreamcast game you talentless hack! Oh yeah, and some spelling skills would also be worth having, dumbass.


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