Posted by: Kai_LeRai | November 26, 2012

Treamcast on eBay!

It’s only a month till christmas, so I was browsing eBay to see which Dreamcast novelties I could dig out. Looks like this time of the year is just right to find the rare stuff:

a Treamcast in mint condition!

For those who don’t know: A Treamcast is a HK-console assembled from original Dreamcast parts in a custom shell with a cool TFT-screen. It has all kinds of built in goodies: speakers, headphone jack, vga-box and a modchip. The latter allows you to run all games regardless of their region. The awesomeness doesn’t stop here, because the Treamcast runs on all major voltages: 110V, 220V and even 12V. A car adaptor is part of the package, so you can enjoy your DC-experience even when you’re away from home.

I tried to check the price of other sources, but was unable to find some. Most shops that sold this wet dream come true a couple of years ago have gone out of business and those who haven’t don’t list it any more (and that includes those ominous chinese ones). Looks like the console is really hard to come by nowadays. I checked the US and UK versions of eBay and there’s no other offer available and this is the only offer that’s available world wide right now.

The guy also sells some other rare items such as Samba de Amigo Maracas and a Dragoncast vs Cable to link two Dreamcasts for multiplayer gameplay. It’s hard to decide which of these is more rare since both are just equally hard to come by and those are the only offers available on eBay and Amazon. I’m not gonna cover the rest of the cool stuff this obviously insan/desperate seller is offering since it’s hard to top the aforementioned stuff.

Good times for Dreamcast fans if you have the necessary change to snatch it :)


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