This page lists my rips. I will update it on a regular basis. Titles written in italic are unreleased and currently being beta tested. For multi-disc games I’ll use the date the first disc was ripped on. I didn’t include some of my earliest work though, as it doesn’t bow to the quality standards I use nowadays.

Actual Rip Count: 69

Last Update: 28.07.2008

27.07.2008 Silent Scope (PAL)

15.07.2008 Daytona USA (NTSC-U)

14.07.2008 Samba de Amigo (PAL) LOL@NRG…loser

13.07.2008 Dragonriders – Chronicles of Pern (PAL) Complete Edition

13.07.2008 The Last Blade 2 – Heart of the Samurai (NTSC-U)

12.07.2008 Samba de Amigo (NTSC-J)

11.06.2008 Tomb Raider – The Last Revelation (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

04.06.2008 Jet Set Radio (PAL) Complete Edition

03.06.2008 Expendable (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

03.06.2008 Carrier (PAL) Complete Edition

03.06.2008 Carrier (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

03.06.2008 Biohazard 2 Value Plus (NTSC-J) Complete Edition

02.06.2008 Resident Evil Code Veronica (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

02.06.2008 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (PAL) Complete Edition

01.06.2008 Get!! Colonies (NTSC-J)

01.06.2008 Sega GT Homologation Special (NTSC-J) Complete Edition

31.05.2008 Zusar Vasar (NTSC-J)

31.05.2008 Ducati World – Racing Challenge (NTSC-U)

31.05.2008 POD Speedzone (NTSC-U)

30.05.2008 Red Dog – Superior Firepower (PAL)

29.05.2008 Daytona USA 2001 – Taiken Ban (NTSC-J)

29.05.2008 Crazy Taxi 2 (NTSC-U)

29.05.2008 Crazy Taxi (PAL)

29.05.2008 Crazy Taxi (NTSC-U)

29.05.2008 Demolition Racer – No Exit (NTSC-U)

29.05.2008 Super Runabout (NTSC-J) Complete Edition

28.05.2008 Taxi 2 (PAL)

28.05.2008 Test Drive V-Rally (NTSC-U)

27.05.2008 Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 (PAL)

27.05.2008 Flag to Flag – C.A.R.T Racing (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

27.05.2008 Toy Racer (PAL)

27.05.2008 Vanishing Point (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

26.05.2008 Namco Museum (NTSC-U)

26.05.2008 F355 Challenge – Passione Rossa (PAL)

26.05.2008 Wacky Races (PAL) Complete Edition

26.05.2008 4 Wheel Thunder (PAL) Complete Edition

25.05.2008 4 Wheel Thunder (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

24.05.2008 Sega GT (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

21.05.2008 Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 (PAL) Complete Edition

18.05.2008 Alone in the Dark – The new Nightmare (PAL) Complete Edition

07.05.2008 Silver (PAL) (English+Dutch) Complete Edition

05.05.2008 Alone in the Dark – The new Nightmare (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

26.04.2008 NesterDC SE 1.0 with 3163 Roms (FAQ Edition)

20.04.2008 Hydro Thunder (PAL) Complete Edition

29.02.2008 Capcom vs. SNK – Millenium Fight 2000 (NTSC-U)

26.02.2008 Quake 3 Arena (NTSC-U)

24.02.2008 Quake 3 Arena (PAL)

24.02.2008 Outtrigger (PAL)

23.02.2008 The House of the Dead 2 (NTSC-J)

22.02.2008 Dino Crisis (NTSC-U)

22.02.2008 Fatal Fury – Mark of the Wolves (NTSC-U)

21.02.2008 The House of the Dead 2 (PAL)

19.02.2008 Sword of the Berserk – Guts’ Rage (NTSC-U)

11.02.2008 F1 World Grand Prix (PAL)

10.02.2008 F1 World Grand Prix II (PAL)

31.01.2008 Macross M3 (NTSC-J) Complete Edition

27.01.2008 Shenmue 2 (PAL) Complete Edition

07.01.2008 Frame Gride (NTSC-J)

05.01.2008 D2 Shock (NTSC-J)

19.12.2007 Shutokou Battle (NTSC-J)

18.12.2007 Dead or Alive 2 Master Collection

17.12.2007 Fighting Vipers 2 Beta Preview (PAL)

13.12.2007 Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol. 1

07.12.2007 Shenmue (NTSC-U) Complete Edition with Iron’s Coca Cola mod

21.10.2007 Ecco the Dolphin – Defender of the Future (PAL) Complete Edition

21.10.2007 Nightmare Creatures 2 (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

20.10.2007 V-Rally 2 Expert Edition (PAL) Complete Edition

16.10.2007 Jet Grind Radio (NTSC-U) Complete Edition

28.09.2007 Armada (NTSC-U) Complete Edition


  1. Only a Skies of Arcadia release and u will be god!!!! :D

  2. lol thanks dude and i already thought my shenmue 2 and alone in the dark rip made me god :D

    as far as skies of arcadia is concerned, i did check it out, but i think echelon already went the most elegant way of ripping it. if i had the chance to do it like they did, i would, so don’t expect a soa-rip from me any time soon, if at all. never say never though ;)

  3. dude this is awesome i just came across this page how can i download some of this stuff ? man please get back with me thanks

  4. xiaopang i am a fan of your work. the dreamcast community is still alive!!!

  5. xiao. u gotta let us know where your nesterdc download is. can u help! i swear on my mother id never copy or steal your work. please i beg u.

    • oh it sits right here on my hard drive ;)

      no need to beg dude. i will make it available for download soon. right now i don’t have constant access to the internet, so i can’t , but check back once in a while, because i will anounce when my stuff will be available again.

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